Monday, April 5, 2010

MAPP Meeting Wed April 7 and Radio Show

From: Lanny Swerdow, Director Marijuana Anti Prohibition Project

MAPP Meeting, Wednesday April 7
7:30 PM
THCF Medical Clinic
647 Main Street
Riverside 92501

Radio Show
Don Lawrences's release and the Chino collective raid will be the topic of discussion on Monday's
Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense radio show at 6:05 p.m. You can learn what happened at the arraignment and what will be happening next. If you are member of the SBPA, it would be great to have you call in to the show. The number to call is 888-909-1050.

The radio show can be heard everywhere in the western Inland Empire on radio station KCAA
1050AM. If you can't get it on your radio dial, the show is also simulcast on the Internet and
can be heard at Click on LISTEN LIVE on the home page.

MAPP Meeting
The Chino Collective raid will also be one of the items under discussion at the Wednesday, April
7 Riverside MAPP meeting. We should have a lot more information and hopefully some of the
victims of the raid will be able to be there and fill us in on exactly what happened.

There has been considerable discussion on what our response should be and by Wednesday night I would imagine that there will be options that we need to discuss. We can't just do nothing - if
we don't fight back for our rights, it will only get worse and more dangerous.

Part of our problem is that most elected officials have little direct contact with us and don't
see us as a constituent whose concerns need to be addressed. If we want to part of the system to
protect our rights, then we need to work within the system. At the meeting on Wednesday we will be doing just that as two candidates for elective office will be at the meeting.

Anna Nevenic, RN, candidate for the 37th State Senatorial District and Herb Higgins, candidate
for the 4th District in Riverside County will be making presentations about their candidacy. We
hope that other candidates for elective office will contact us so that they may speak before us
and learn about our concerns.

Following the MAPP meeting will be a group of activists seeking interest in establishing a NORML chapter in the Inland Empire. There will be representatives from several Southern California chapters to speak.

As you can see, the Wednesday, April 7 MAPP meeting in Riverside is going to be of some interest and will certainly stimulate and hopefully motivate you to get involved.

The MAPP meeting on Wednesday, April 7 begins promptly at 7:30 p.m. and takes place at that
Mecca of medical marijuana rationality and perseverance, the THCF Medical Clinic, 647 Main
Street, Riverside 92501.

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